The city of Salzburg – in particular the historic Old Town – represents one of the most beautiful areas to be found in Europe, a fact which received international recognition in the 1997 when the city received world heritage status.

What is actually so special about it? First of all it is characterised by its convenient location which is particularly easy to reach. From the hotel you can reach Salzburg by car in approx. 20 minutes. Trains run hourly from the station which is situated close


to our hotel. There is also a cross-boarder local S-Bahn train service from Bad Reichenhall to Salzburg which runs at hourly intervals. So you can stay in Reichenhall and conveniently enjoy high culture in Salzburg. Salzburg's Old Town is framed most effectively by the Mönchsberg hill, which is enthroned by the Hohensalzburg fort which is visible a long way away, as well as the mighty Kapuzinerberg hill. You can actually take a long walk on both of the city's hills and retreat ...


... for a few hours from the hectic goings-on in the many squares and narrow streets. A climb up the hill is certainly worth it as you can enjoy the most beautiful panoramic view and “picture-postcard views” of the Old Town.

The Old Town itself with its many styles is a real architectural treasure chest. Those who stroll down the many narrow streets, above all along the famous Getreidegasse, will find structures from the Middle Ages, the Romantic period, the Renaissance,

the Baroque period as well as noble, classical bourgeois buildings from the time of the monarchy. There is hardly any epoch which has not left its architectural traces in Salzburg.

As Salzburg's Old Town is a pedestrian zone it is ideally suited to walking and strolling. However, for those who prefer something more leisurely and at the same time want to have a tour of the city, you can be chauffeured through the city in one of the popular horse-drawn carriages...

The most famous squares in the city are the Residenzplatz with the fountain of the same name, the neighbouring Alte Markt, the Universitätsplatz as well as the Mozartplatz, of course.

There is also no shortage of imposing buildings, the most notable of which are Salzburg Cathedral, the Hohensalzburg fort mentioned at the beginning, the Residenz palace, St. Peter's Abbey with its impressive cemetery, Franciscan church and university church and not forgetting, the


festival district with the large festival theatre where the annual carol singing takes place, and the Mozart house as well as the Felsen Riding School.

On the right side of the Salzach river don't miss Mirabell Palace with the romantic Mirabell garden – one of the most popular motifs for photographs, by the way – as well as the Sebastianskirche church with its beautiful cemetery. Somewhat outside

the city lies Hellbrunn Palace with its trick fountains and zoo.

So there is no shortage of visual attractions and for those who pay a visit to Salzburg it is heartily recommended to spend a little time there and get caught up in the unique atmosphere and the bustling city life and let


themselves be enthralled. Whether artistic enjoyment, shopping, taking a stroll, visiting a café or simply just another day in the city – Salzburg's Old Town has many charming sides to it. Detailed information on the highlights and attractions in Salzburg at

World heritage site
and city of festivals